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Cultural Healing & Kingdom Impact

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Cultural Healing is the assignment and God opened the door to the opportunity to return to the land of our origins, the land our ancestors were taken from, the west coast of the continent of Africa. The country of Ghana provided us with an experience, filled with gracious, beautiful people who welcomed us with open arms.  God's instruction was two-fold and clear and each day we reminded ourselves of His directive

Look for Me Everywhere You Go


See All that you See through My Eyes

The experience touched our souls, pierced our hearts, invaded our thought processes and transformed us in ways we continue to feel. We are grateful, humbled and honored to share a visual tour of this magnificent experience......

We went home!

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Blessed to be a Blessing...

Countryside, Entrepreneurs and our first service project at the amazing Dzorwulu Special School serving special needs children. The children welcomed us with a dance presentation then invited us to dance with them. Oh, the joy when our Minister of Music, Terrion Nelson taught them an American welcome song. We were blessed to be a blessing with the wonderful assistance of the United Way of Ghana, who facilitated the delivery of supplies from our ministry.

Sharing God's Love & An Authentic Feast

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On to a Women's Rehabilitation Shelter where we met sisters in recovery. Just like everywhere else, the most vulnerable are being cared for by compassionate believers who have sacrificed so much to answer the call of God to serve the least, the lost and the left out. We were deeply honored to have been called to come along side of them to inspire, uplift and encourage our sisters in our homeland. Minister Raynae Taylor prepared and read from an excerpt of I Am Woman, a book of affirmations by Sylvia High, Author, Master Coach and CEO of Aiming High, Inc. As minister Raynae spoke empowering words, we held their hands securely in our hands, looked our sisters in the eye and repeated the words with them, coming into a union and connection that says we have our sisters in our hearts and will continue to hold them there. With the help, again, of United Way of Ghana, we were able to also leave them with an abundance of food, supplies, women's personal products and personal gifts for each one.

What a privilege!!!

Then, we were treated to a feast that was prepared right before our eyes. We were invited to the table (in more ways than one) to help chop, peel, stir and add the love we brought to the love we met there. It was so amazing, and the emotions overflowed as we loved them the way they loved us before we collected our hugs at the end.

That food was some kind of good!!

Bright-eyed Babies by the Ocean

Ghana is a coastal country sitting on the Atlantic Ocean, facing the east. In a scenic village called Cape Coast, we traveled to a school with little ones who greeted our leader, Pastor Stephanie, by marching to the bus, with precision steps to offer her a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. She was overcome with emotion upon experiencing this unexpected blessing and expression of love. The children sang delightful songs for us, and we were introduced to their teachers and the school master. Debra Stephens, our Sister in the Spirit who went home to be with the Lord almost three years ago had collected books for children to travel with another group. They were unable to take them then and our Sister, Kerline Cambronne, was determined to take them with us and deliver them as promised. It is the only photograph any of us took that has a beam of light shining through and we decided it must have been the spirit of Debra with us.

The promised was kept and her legacy of loving children lives on.

Can you imagine attending school every day and you get to gaze upon the vast ocean and dream about how far you can go in life? We learned as they continue construction, as means become available, there was a need for playground equipment, one hundred chairs and ten tables for the new cafeteria, a flat screen TV and recorder and the amazing women in our group, including the Christian Elite Ensemble, founded by our Sister Patricia Kane, ensured these beautiful babies would have everything they needed to realize completion of this leg of their educational pursuits. 

They sang us a song with a wonderful surprise at the end. After three or four verses of welcome the children took off in a sprint and wrapped their little arms around the waists of each of us. It was an unexpected burst of love, and it was absolutely what we all needed. A big hug from a bright eyed, little person with no limits on their potential who will grow up to do great things in the world. 

The blessing was mutual!

Moving to the Beat of a Soul-Filling Drum

As the experience came to a close, our new cousins taught us to dance like them, drum like them, feel the rhythms like them. They gave us the authenticity of the culture of our origins. They spread a table before us on our last night with our new family members and we rejoiced with the gospel singers who came to bless us before retiring in preparation for the journey home the next day. Our hearts were filled to overflowing, our view of who we really are at the core of our being has been transformed, our consciousness has been expanded and our resolved to impact the world place for the Kingdom of God has become rock solid, rooted and grounded in the love of the King of Kings. We are changed for all the right reasons and in all of very best ways. This is as it should be, and we now have a deeper understanding of the assignment.


Mission accomplished.

To be continued...

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