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Please join us for Worship Service Sundays!!!

10:00 o'clock am - Eastern Standard Time



Meeting ID: 824 2359 3149
Passcode: 673417


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It's so good to have you here.  

We have taken the leap of faith! God has called us for such a time as this and you are invited to join us on the journey. Why? Because love is the cornerstone of what we are called to offer the world.  GOD'S LOVE! It really is just that simple, yet extraordinarily profound. 

Jesus gave two new commandments (Mark 12:30-31). LOVE God! LOVE People! And if we invest more time in these two notions, every thing else will fall into place. Everything else!!!

We are different! Not only do we dive deeply into the Word of God, we have fun. What a concept in a congregation right? We understand that God's original idea was Paradise, Peace and Provision. Jesus came so that we might have that and have it more abundantly! This is not a prosperity gospel (although we expect every good and perfect gift that comes from God), but a powerful understanding that gives birth to greater wisdom, unshakable faith and the power to overcome! Now, that's something  we should all be eager to be a part of!

God's love for us is lavish, according to His word. Come, join us as we seek His face such that we are equipped for the good works we came to the planet to do. 

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